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How to Buy Mattresses for Your Airbnb or Holiday Rental

  • Affordable, student-friendly accommodation. If you’re offering a space that caters more to students and backpackers, you should be okay with single hostel mattresses online. These guests are usually in town to see the sights, so they’ll likely only use the room to sleep. You could even purchase a hospital mattress online, as they are durable and incredibly comfortable.
  • Look for foam mattresses. While you can purchase spring or latex mattresses if you’d prefer, foam mattresses are far more durable long-term, making them ideal for the accommodation industry. Plus, they don’t squeak when your guests roll over in the night.
  • Choose something with airflow. Australian summers can be unpleasantly hot at times, so you need a mattress that will keep your guests comfortable throughout the humid nights.
  • Try to pick something water-resistant. You can plan for the longevity of your commercial mattresses if you buy something that’s more water-resistant. A high-quality commercial mattress will come with some sort of cover, and you can build on this with a mattress protector.
  • We ship Australia-wide. Whether you run a student hostel in the centre of Sydney or you a nursing home up in Maleny, we’ve got commercial mattresses we can send your products to you.
  • We’re the experts in accommodation linens. We’ve been supplying products for hotels, hospitals, resorts, and aged care facilities for over 50 years. We know this industry well, and we’re fortunate enough to have partnered with some of the best bedding brands.

If you’re After Commercial Mattresses, Head To Accommodation Linen Online

Accommodation Linen is your go-to store for commercial mattresses in Australia. The business has been in our family for three generations, and we’ve been one of Australia’s leading suppliers of premium-quality linens to hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, hospitals, aged care facilities, and Airbnbs for over 50 years. We’re renowned in the industry for our professionalism, our dedication, and our commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality linens. If you’d like to see our range of hotel mattresses online, head to our website today.